Absolutely Nothing

Good morning!

In January when I started studying for my bachelor my schedule was pretty much different from day to day. I could have class in the morning, or in the afternoon and some days there was no class at all. I loved the flexibility as it led to my work schedule being as flexible.
This semester is different, class is pretty much at the same time every day, and it is class every day. Thus I pretty much have the nine to five life that I was so happy that I had gotten out of. My alarm goes of at 6:55am, and then I have until 9:30 before I have to head out to school and my 10am class. The hours in the morning I drink my coffee and try to get some studying in, with more or less success.
Class last until noon when I head to the office and stay there until 6-7pm before heading home. Trust me, when I arrive home I don’t really feel like doing anything at all, even though dinner and studying is how I should be spending my night.
For someone that likes updating her blog this lifestyle isn’t very productive. Sad but true! I do have some posts waiting to be written, like the rest of my vacation in Greece, being a tourist in Sweden and so. It’s just that the long days fry my brain.
This morning I don’t have class, and instead of heading to work early I decided to take some time for my self, enjoying my coffee and soon a relaxing bath with my fav magazine. I also only have one week left until vacation, well from work because as a student you never have time off. So I have to take this opportunity to thank Miss America for getting married, as it gives me an excuse to fly of to that big country in the west for a couple of weeks. Appreciated!
Anyhow, just wanted to let you know I’m still here and alive, now; to the bathtub!

Have a fab Wednesday ma peeps!

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