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Göteborg book fair 2014

For me,  the yearly  book fair in Göteborg is better than Christmas and it didn’t let me down this year either. The first book purchased this year was by Dawit Isaak who is a swedish-Eritrean author that has been imprisoned in Eritrea since 2001. I’m not sure when the last proof of life was received,  however there are still people out there that are fighting to have him released and the full profit from this book is used for that purpose. wpid-shot_1411841153655.jpg

We then moved further into the book fair and was stopped at small table where you could buy three books for a 100 swedish crowns, an offer that needs to be investigated further. The author is Midhat Ajanovjc, born in Sarajevo but live in Göteborg since 1994, the publisher is called Una and are responsible for translating his books into swedish. Me and mother dearest fancied one each of his books and then we got the third for free pretty much. It will be interesting to read, and I’ll get back to you on whether it’s good or not.wpid-shot_1411841136256.jpg

After that it was on to theveryone magazine that I now made a tradition of getting three issues of at the fair, just because the publisher have some interesting books that you get one for free when you sign up. This year I got my hands on a very interesting cookbook that I just couldn’t resist.wpid-shot_1411841120194.jpg

On our way to the super cheap book section, we walked past a publisher that just published a new issue of Rudolph Höss’ s memories. He was in charge of the Auschwitz-Birkenau and as I went there for a visit this summer, I found the topic interesting also, his grandson that wrote the preface for this issue was there and signed my book for me. He is now working actively against rasism.wpid-shot_1411841144549.jpg

I didn’t find any books in the super cheap section, on our way back from there I did find a really nice notebook that I just couldn’t resist buying.wpid-shot_1411841162044.jpg

And then finally we were on our way to the only author that was on my wishlist. Sadly enough the line for having ones picture with the author,  Fredrik Backman, and getting the book signed was way to long so I had to be happy with a picture of the author and the book.wpid-shot_1411841076685.jpgwpid-img_20140927_142620.jpg

After that it was time to head home and get ready for the plastic oncles birthday party, however, before I did that I took the opportunity to add to the book load with some books from mother dearests shelves. wpid-shot_1411841231289.jpg

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