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The scatter brain

This morning I was running around my apartment to get the last bits done that you do before you go away for the weekend. As I picked up my stuff to head out the door I stopped and asked myself if I should check and make sure my ATM card was in my purse in order to ensure that I avoided another incident like the last time I went to Gotham City, and then I thought to myself; no, I’m sure it’s in there. Then I headed out to meet Da studybuddy for a luxury coffee before class, guess what! Standing in the coffee shop the card was nowhere to be found!
At least I started the day with giving quite a few people a very good laugh, think the biggest one came from my sister.
It was a bit of a pain as the weekend come with quite a few expenditures, like a surf tablet, mummy’s birthday and my favorite time of the year, Gothenburg book fair. At times like this it’s nice to have friends and family, Da studybuddy paid for my coffee and gave me some cash to tidy me over until I reached Gotham. Once there mummy let me borrow money that I then just make a bank transfer for, the magic of smartphones! So, problem solved.
After running some errands on the way home from the station, where the train arrived right on time, I pulled out my fleece jacket that was safely tucked away in my backpack. Guess what I found!?!

Oh well, even if the problem was solved, it’s still so much nicer to have access to your own money.

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