Posted in USA 2014

I packed like a girl!

The aim for today’s travel easy to pack as little as possible, however I’m travelling to two different cities with differences in climate,  and I’m attending a wedding, thus I packed too much! There are some space left for shopping even though travelling on a student budget means that not that much shopping can be done.

wpid-shot_1412144856182.jpgIt’s amazing how much easier it is to get up in the morning when you are going on vacation rather than to school and work, household chores also happen with a much greater speed than usual. So I manged to get up when the alarm went of, finish my packing and dishes and still be out of the house in time to make an earlier train.

The trip over to Copenhagen went smooth, so did check-in and security, so without stress I could get some breakfast and my second favorite magazine, that happens to be danish and something I treat myself to when I’m visiting.wpid-shot_1412148015332.jpgwpid-shot_1412148553802.jpgI now have a 17 hour trip ahead of me, the things one do to save some money on the flight. I also have a cold, which ain’t fun at all, fingers crossed my eardrum doesn’t feel like bursting today. All in all, can’t say I’m too unhappy about leaving this weather  behind. wpid-shot_1412146843041.jpgwpid-shot_1412147969807.jpg