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The light at the end of the tunnel?

Life hasn’t really been that great since the middle of October and return home from vacation. A part of that can be blamed on the fact that Swedish November is one of the most depressing things on this earth, it’s cold and the dark is just getting darker and slowly creeping in to the hours that shouldn’t be dark. However the dark isn’t the only thing that hasn’t gone my way, nothing really has gone my way! (I know that plenty of things probably have and I should sit down making a list of just those things rather than whining).

Last Friday I figured that the bottom was reached, when I woke up on the morning of my exam with a fever feeling absolutely shit. I took drugs called Treo, I call them a girls best friend, and headed to my exam. Trust me, a miracle is needed for me to pass that exam, just minutes after I couldn’t remember neither questions or what I answered those questions.

The fever had me cancel the after-exams drink that I had planned for the Friday night, it also saw me turn down beer with auntie and uncle that was on a surprise visit in my hometown. I was a good girl all weekend, taking it easy making sure that I would be all go for Monday morning and the month of December. I was dead set on being a good student, a focused little worker and in general a positive, disciplined person during the rest of 2014.

The universe wasn’t on my side, Monday morning came and with the little help from my best friend Treo, I headed out for my eight am class, and sat down for four hours of class. I then headed to work, and was a good little worker before heading out to meet Malmö’s new addition, my very own Miss Legal (don’t think anyone is happier than me to have her in town). After a few hours of pizza and girl time, I stopped by the grocery store before heading home. Back home I almost passed out and my fever was back with a vengeance together with a cough from hell. Thus, since Monday I haven’t left the apartment. Since Monday I have been sitting up sleeping because of the cough from hell. Since Monday I have missed not one, but TWO classes a day in school, and lets not talk about all the hours that I’m not getting paid for.

Thanks for that universe!!

I’m feeling better now, have just finished my first cooked meal that is not a fluid since Monday. Looks yum doesn’t it?


I will now spend a very slow, relaxing weekend where I will make sure that I do not exhaust myself at all, nothing will stop me from going to school/work on Monday, and I will be an awesome little student/worker for the rest of 2014! I do warn you though, if you are carrying any kind of germ and get anywhere close to me, you will meet the not so nice Carolina!!!

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