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Bussing it!

So, after last Mondays melt down it is vital to not re-do that mistake. Thus, the trip to the grocery store today was via the bus.

wpid-shot_1417954786742.jpgIt is a bit odd, as the walk on each side of the bus take as long as the bike up there in total, however I understand the “no biking” ban, it’s for my own good. On the way there it was all good, I walked down to the bus stop, waited for a minute or so, the bus arrived and of I went.wpid-shot_1417955147963.jpgAfter my chill and very appreciated round at the store, remember I’ve been locked up at home since Monday night, I went back to the bus stop and there was only two minutes before the bus was due. That’s not too bad for a bus that leaves every 15 minutes. The whole thing would’ve been awesome if it wasn’t for the fact that the bus driver just went past my bus stop on my way home. Really, is it too much to ask to stop when I press the stop button?!? Ok, maybe the difference between that stop and the next one is marginal, that’s not the thing do! I’m still sickish, be nice to me!!!

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