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Dinner for two

This is my first post from my new phone, exiting!

After a rough morning, or afternoon, yesterday due to way too much alcohol consumed on Friday, I made my way to Gotham for the holidays and a lovely evening with my sister. It’s not something that we do frequently so it was a real nice treat and the fact it was free just made it all better.IMG_0006

The restaurant is the Cuckoo’s Nest and the reason for that choice was that I won it this summer running 10k, for you that haven’t heard the story, no I didn’t win the actual race! You can read all about it here.IMG_0007

And yes I was silly enough to take pictures of the food. It was supposed to be three courses “chefs choice”, instead we got to make our own choice. I started with three tacos and oh my how good it was;


For the main course I went for the Salmon and again, it was to die for. It took me a while to eat it all, it was just so good I didn’t want to leave any on the plate.


The whole meal was completed by chocolate ganache!


If you ever pass by Gotham city, I strongly recommend a visit, the service we got matched the quality of the food. For two sisters that doesn’t get to hang out just the two of them that often, this was pure luxury!


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