Christmas traditions upheld

There are something’s around Christmas that even I as a non-Christmas person do. One of those is visiting the beautiful amusement park Liseberg and the yearly (kind of) Irish coffee.


Another important tradition is of course the Christmas pressies and there was no way that a silly student budget was going to stop me from providing them to the sixteen relatives in attendance. Even if small it takes a while to wrap sixteen packages, just so that you know.

While wrapping the pressies and making the tree look pretty we have a long lasting tradition of Bingo, a show on da telly and this year my fantastic winnings was a new lottery ticket for the New Years show so Miss Legal; I hope you realize there need to be bingo on New Years.


Finally, after all the Christmas craze me and my mother walked the short walk to our closest church for a moment of peace at the midnight mass. I’m in no way religious, however it’s nice to sit and listen to the beautiful music and words of wisdom (even if I don’t agree with all of them) this year we also got to light each other’s candles, a beautiful sentiment.



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