Movie of the Week

Movies of the week – an American and a swede

For someone that has barely been to the movies this year, two in one has been real nice. The first one was Hunger games, with the excellent company of my brother-in-law. Why you might ask yourself! Easy, my sister ditched both him and me to go see it with a friend! I know, crazy isn’t it!

The popcorn picture is from today’s showing because there was just too many people the other day so I had to see the movie without popcorn, horrible. That wasn’t the only thing that was horrible, the movie was fine, the people “watching” seemed to think they were home in their own living room. I take real issue with people that can’t be quiet when I paid loads of money in order to watch a movie somewhere but home.

Today’s audience was much better, and so was the movie. I’ll admit that I was surprised to see the movie sold out, being Swedish and all, the things one do for ones mother.

I wouldn’t have chosen the movie myself however to my own surprise I got a real good laugh out of it. It’s one of those movies where you are kind of surprised when it’s over because time just passed so quickly. I don’t think it will work for an international audience though, quit Swedish humor and all that jazz. Oh, before I forget, the name of the film was…wait, have to ask mother, oh that’s true; Micke och Veronica.

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