7 Things 2014

Bye, bye 2014!

We are reaching the end of what has been the year of 2014, can’t say it will go down as one of the best years ever! Still, it deserves a look back so today I checked out my Sevens list for 2014, probably something I should’ve done during the year to make sure I stuck to it. I’ll have to admit that I have completely forgotten about it. I haven’t even been doing that many Sevens list this year, maybe that should go on my Seven list for 2015, of course I have to make one! Firstly though, lets check out the 2014 one;

  1. Stick to my budget – hahaha, allow myself to laugh! I suck at sticking to the budget, however I haven’t gone into debt and I have managed to get some money into the savings account, and spending it again. You don’t manage four trips out of the country and too much wine (not according to my cousin) to even think about, by sticking to the budget.
  2. Be a good student – it started out good, I got a B on my first exam of the year, after that it all went downhill and this fall has been a disaster. Oh well, right back at it and try to make 2015 better (starting to get the feeling that my 2015 list will be as boring as the 2014 one).
  3. Be happy with my situation – most of the time this have actually worked. I’m quite proud of myself for how I’m dealing with the change in my life, being a full-time student and part-time worker. I’m also surrounded by good people who help me out, making my life easier.
  4. Start writing letters again – can I just use the to busy excuse here? No, there haven’t been many letters, or postcards from my trips either to be honest (oh, how I failed my seven list this year, it’s almost sad).
  5. Complete the Gotham Classic – I didn’t even try, I did bike the 100k bike race and ran a couple of 10k races instead. Not the same I know, but what the heck! I got medals and won a three course dinner!wpid-shot_1410767165218.jpg
  6. Get into a workout habit that contains at least one workout session a week – I promise, I’m on the floor laughing my ass of at the 2013 Carolina that thought that this and the things above would happen. Should probably put being realistic on the 2015 list, don’t you agree?
  7. Make a proper go at the Swedish Goddess affordable meals – well, in one sense I have been cooking affordable meals all year as my food budget is tight, I just haven’t been blogging that much about it. The blog as been a bit neglected this year, it gets boring blogging about going to work, going to school, going home and crash on the couch.

Even if I failed big time on the seven list, it’s not like the year has been dreadful, I’ve been travelling to Thailand (again), Poland (for the first time), Greece (for the first time) and the big Americas where I attended my first American wedding. I did complete the races, I spent amazing times with my family and friends, new and old! I’ve been to several hockey games, love them, including the final of the junior world cup. I went to the Gotham book fair, another favourite thing of mine, and got a nice little book club started with nice people who share my interest. I have eaten so much yum food both home-cooked and away-cooked, with company and without company. Looking back at the blog, and the posts for 2014 I realise that I have a pretty awesome life!

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