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Sushi – Hai Restaurant – Malmö

This week I had a date planned with my book circle, that my favourite Latte Mum have now also joined, where the location of the meet-up was a Sushi place (and yes it was my choice). Since we were going there anyhow this was as good as time as any to start our evaluation of the Malmö Sushi places.

I have been to restaurant Hai a couple of times before in the past, nothing that has made a lasting impression though other than that they serve Sushi and that it would be a decent place for the book circle. If you are curious, the book we talked about was Swimming to Elba (surprisingly the Swedish title is Steel) that’s a completely different post on a different blog though.Waiting

Let’s move on to the purpose of this post, the Sushi. I’m one of those people who is a bit spoilt with free Miso soup and I always get a bit surprised when they charge for it at a Sushi place. Even so I do order it because it kind of goes with the meal. This day I found the soup to be a tad bit too salty and the container it came in too small, thus not super happy. Soup

I also have a new tradition of starting my Sushi meals with Edmame beans (Miss Legals fault, she got me hooked on them) and, usually as a starter while deciding what to eat. It’s never easy to choose from the usually large menu’s with crazy many combinations. At this place they came together with my soup, and they were over-steamed, a bit soggy and with way too much chili sprinkled (or poured). I guess it can be hard to keep track of how long they been in the boiling water while in a busy kitchen.Edmame

We were six people this eve and most of us ordered the same thing but different the mixed platter called San, with our very own exceptions. It was easy to switch and it was done without extra charge, appreciated. Usually I just go for a Salmon only mix, sometimes with a tad of Tuna included. With a quick calculation I realized that mixing my own of Nigiris and Makis would be a bit too pricy so I for once went out on a limb. And I ate all of it while remembering why I usually go for the basics; strange sauces, garlic and other unidentifiable things are not really what I like.Food

The food was delivered in good speed even though the place was pretty full, extra plus for the service. Another extra plus for the service was that I came in at 5:30pm asking for a table for six for 6:00pm and after getting one without having booked I also occupied that table all by myself for 30 minutes until the rest of the girls showed up. There was no complaints or grumpiness from the staff, we like.

So what’s the conclusion? The sushi is too small, the soup to salty and the beans were over-cooked. I don’t think this will become a place that we will make many returns to. The total list with score and rank is found here.


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7 things to prepare for February

It’s crazy how quickly time passes, the end of the first month of the year is already coming up and I feel a bit left behind. There’s nothing else to do than try to catch up with time and to my help I will revert back to my good old sevens list, thus 7 things I will attempt to get done this last week of January;

  1. Keep the mess at bay. I don’t understand how one person can make such a mess in such short time, this week I will make it my mission to not make it worse. If I’m lucky I might even make it less of a mess…
  2. Make sure that I do my homework before sitting down on the couch for just a few minutes when I get home from work, getting of that couch again is hard!
  3. Get out and about for a bit, maybe go for a walk if I can’t be bothered running or going to the gym. I just don’t think that the biking back and forth between work and home is enough, I’m becoming a couch potato that have problems sleeping. I have a feeling that some fresh air can do wonders.
  4. Eat properly! This far this year I have been a bit sloppy with the eating, too much snacking (even if healthy snacking) rather than proper meals.
  5. Cutting down on Doug, I took him back around Christmas and now I need to work up the energy to kick him out of my life again, one day I will manage it for good, for now I would be happy with just a little less of him.
  6. Think about something everyday that makes me happy, just to keep the good spirits in the cold dark Swedish winter.
  7. If I have some time left over between the studying, working, eating, exercising and all that jazz I should sit down with a book or my knitting rather than turning on the computer spending way too much time on YouTube, Zynga and all those time-wasting places on the big wide internet.
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Is it only me?

So after a not so happy-go-lucky end of 2014 the beginning of 2015 is looking much better, money wise, ego wise and who could imagine; I have a statistics lecturer with a sense of humour so school wise as well. Sitting through class between 3 and 5pm this eve was not as painful as one could expect.

The only thing that I can think now is;

What the hell is going to go wrong now?

Is it just me with a catastrophic mind that thinks like this and walk around expecting the worst when good things happen? I’m strongly working on positive thinking, keeping my eyes on the horizon and all that, I really, really do!

Well destiny, bring it on!

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How quickly two years passes

This Friday morning was the third 16th of January that I woke up without a dad. It’s amazing how quickly the past two years have passed. Sometimes it feels like yesterday sometimes it feels like much longer.

I still miss my dad a lot, I can still be angry at him for leaving us even if I know he didn’t want to and it wasn’t his fault, it’s not like he did it on purpose. I still feel like picking up the phone to call him sometimes, when something real good happens or when life sucks – that’s when I miss him the most. He was good at being happy for me and express his pride when things went the right way. He was also real good at making the bad days seem less bad, and in one way he still does.

I was re-organizing my bookshelf a couple of weeks ago and found old letters and other memories of him, it made me real sad and I was having a good cry about it. As I was sitting there crying, still reorganizing I found the copy of the Blue day book he sent me years ago. He sent it because I was heart-broken and sad, he sent it with a note saying “I have a feeling that you might need this right now”, back then I left the note in the book and in that moment it was so right. Funny how things happen sometimes.

This time of year I was in Thailand, spending the night between the 15th and 16th, the time of his passing, in a nice bar having drinks with the staff. This year I’m home in cold Sweden, where the winter itself is depressing enough, thinking that I should still do something good.

So on the evening of the 15th me and a friend of mine went to a restaurant here in Malmö that I know that my dad appreciated. Who’s mood doesn’t get better from a nice steak on a plank? Well, maybe if you are a vegetarian, however I’m not.Dinner

After steak, we went for beer.Beer

After beer we went to my place and sat down for a splash of dads whiskey.Whiskey

Most of the night was spent talking about parents, family and random crap, the perfect way according to me!

I miss you dad, I hope that if you are somewhere out there in the atmosphere you have access to unlimited steak, beer and whiskey – pure heaven!

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A long weekend at home

Last Friday I headed home to good old Gotham City for some quality time with the family. Since I was working on the Friday I took a rather late train home which gave me time to sit down for a drink with a friend before the train headed out. For the first time I visited the old Royal waiting hall at the central station in Malmö. It’s been made into a quaint little restaurant with interesting food and I hope I get to go back to try it out sometime, it is amazingly beautiful.Royal waitinghall

Getting on the train, I really expected there to be more people on it a Friday night, instead it felt like I was on a ghost train, almost no people at all in the section I was sitting in.Ghost trainThere was two reasons for me going home, the main one being my youngest niece’s fourth birthday, that was also the reason for the long weekend. Her birthday was actually on Tuesday and since I was in Thailand this time of the year last year and missed her birthday completely I wanted to be there on the day this year. The second reason was Disney On Ice.

Disney On IceThe whole family, the girls, their parents, their grandmothers and their awesome auntie got to go together. It was a surprise for them and real fun. We used to go to this when I was a kid so it was totally a trip down the memory lane. I also got to sit next to my youngest niece that gave up a fair struggle for the popcorn, I’m guessing we have another potential lover of popcorn dinner, just like her aunty.

The only downer during the weekend was the weather, another storm passed over Sweden (it’s quite a few of them now a days) and brought with it loads of water, just a little bit of flooding.

StormThe water is usually at least one meter below and one can take nice walks down there, not this time around. It was also extremely windy and cold wich made the walks over to sisters place less than comfortable walks. We really needed to walk over there though, I mean who wants to miss out on good food, cake and ice-cream!?!

Ice CreamQuality time with the family is real good and hanging out at mother’s place is real nice, this time around I got for whole days and half a day and an evening. Returning home I felt a bit re-energized and ready to take on the world, a little bit.

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Lunch with a friend

I’m not the only one of my former Copenhagen colleagues that are now residing and working in Malmö. Due to the help of Endomondo one of them realised how close we are actually working to each other and figured we should meet for lunch. The area that we work in mostly contain of lunch places with pizza and kebab, however we managed to find a real nice cosy little cafe called Bread & Friends, cute.

NameIt was nice to not eat lunch in the office and have someone who you can miss the luxury of lunch served by the company that we got in Denmark, with. It’s not fun going from a nice spread of food served everyday, a small cost deducted from your salary every month, to have to bring food yourself or go out and eat everyday. Since I’m more a student than employed I of course bring food most of the time. This day however, I got to enjoy a real nice grilled sandwich with goat cheese, honey and walnuts.

FoodI will totally go back for more when the budget allows. It was also a nice touch with a flying rolling-pin, or as I see it – a house ghost maybe.

GhostI’m still not happy with the quality of the pictures that this iPhone gives me, and I wish I was back with my Sony that is miles ahead of Iphone when it comes to picture quality. I hope you get he gist though. Either way, this was one of those small luxuries that makes life a little bit better.

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Someone new in my life

Over the past year or so things have just broken in my life, if I remember correctly it started with the microwave that was replaced last Christmas. Since then the coffee machine, the kettle, the phone and the other day my computer, all have broken. It’s fine when things break and you can afford to replace them. It’s less fun when it’s a tad bit harder to cover the cost, thank god for Christmas, birthdays and a mother capable and kind enough to hand out loans. So, I’m now the proud owner of almost one of the cheapest laptops they had at the store.IMG_0135

I didn’t go for the cheapest one, I Googled the brand and didn’t get too much feedback, Lenovo it was called. The second cheapest (there was three to choose from) felt like it will be capable to tide me over the two years I have left of my studies and until I should be back to a real job that will afford me a proper computer.

It’s not like I need the most advanced PC anyhow, I surf the net, sometimes write assignments for school and play Facebook games. Almost any PC can sort that one out.IMG_0136

The weekend without the computer has been though, I still allow myself to be a bit annoyed with the new Windows though. As I sit and just do my thing, I all of a sudden to some kind of swiping movement over the mouse-pad and a completely new screen appears or some apps, or if I accidentally had a program open. I’m sure I’ll get used to the whole thing, it’s only been a few hours since I got to sit down and play with this cute little thing.IMG_0137

Now, the last thing I need to do is to get all the stuff of my old computer. It doesn’t matter that I known for months that it was dying, it’s not like I’ve gotten around to back the thing up anyhow. Well, since all my computers die without me backing them up I have this little thing, a box, that you put the hard drive in and then hook it up to your new computer like an enormous USB. It’s just that the last computer has been around for a while and I’m real crap at keeping track of things, so it might take me a while to find it.

To be honest, the last time I saw it was when I lent it to Mr Grumpy, not sure I ever got it back. Do you still have my little life-saver-when-your-computer-dies box? Do you still read my blog Mr Grumpy? Do you not love me anymore?!?!

Back to being normal, I want to remember that the little box didn’t cost too much money so maybe I can get a new one if I can’t find it or none of my friends have one I can borrow. Now I’m just gonna be totally pleased with having a PC that is working 🙂