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Chicken soup for the soul

Years ago now my sister went to the U.S. and came home with books that were called chicken soup for the soul. You read them and laugh, cry and feel. Today while cleaning out my bookshelf I thought about those books as I was finding letters, birthday cards and pictures from my dad. Most of the time I’m ok with him being gone, not always.
I also thought about those books tonight as I were making chicken soup.

Last night my computer died, again. It’s been around for a surprisingly long time and before I’ve always managed to revive it, not so much this time. There’s a glitch in the power supply, and has been for a long time, my magical powers are no longer good enough to fix it this time.

Eating my chicken soup while watching Sweden and Finland playing hockey, I’m working on my pride. Being used to afford both computer and phone replacement I’m now in a situation where I can afford none. I might have had a friend nice enough to let me borrow a phone, for the computer I think I will have to swallow that pride of mine and call mother for a loan.

Last January I watched the little finish players beat the little Swedish players in the final of the junior World Cup. Right now the two teams are playing a very even quarter final game, I guess their pride is in more jeopardy than mine, I’ll call mummy tomorrow, peace out.

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