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Lunch with a friend

I’m not the only one of my former Copenhagen colleagues that are now residing and working in Malmö. Due to the help of Endomondo one of them realised how close we are actually working to each other and figured we should meet for lunch. The area that we work in mostly contain of lunch places with pizza and kebab, however we managed to find a real nice cosy little cafe called Bread & Friends, cute.

NameIt was nice to not eat lunch in the office and have someone who you can miss the luxury of lunch served by the company that we got in Denmark, with. It’s not fun going from a nice spread of food served everyday, a small cost deducted from your salary every month, to have to bring food yourself or go out and eat everyday. Since I’m more a student than employed I of course bring food most of the time. This day however, I got to enjoy a real nice grilled sandwich with goat cheese, honey and walnuts.

FoodI will totally go back for more when the budget allows. It was also a nice touch with a flying rolling-pin, or as I see it – a house ghost maybe.

GhostI’m still not happy with the quality of the pictures that this iPhone gives me, and I wish I was back with my Sony that is miles ahead of Iphone when it comes to picture quality. I hope you get he gist though. Either way, this was one of those small luxuries that makes life a little bit better.

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