A long weekend at home

Last Friday I headed home to good old Gotham City for some quality time with the family. Since I was working on the Friday I took a rather late train home which gave me time to sit down for a drink with a friend before the train headed out. For the first time I visited the old Royal waiting hall at the central station in Malmö. It’s been made into a quaint little restaurant with interesting food and I hope I get to go back to try it out sometime, it is amazingly beautiful.Royal waitinghall

Getting on the train, I really expected there to be more people on it a Friday night, instead it felt like I was on a ghost train, almost no people at all in the section I was sitting in.Ghost trainThere was two reasons for me going home, the main one being my youngest niece’s fourth birthday, that was also the reason for the long weekend. Her birthday was actually on Tuesday and since I was in Thailand this time of the year last year and missed her birthday completely I wanted to be there on the day this year. The second reason was Disney On Ice.

Disney On IceThe whole family, the girls, their parents, their grandmothers and their awesome auntie got to go together. It was a surprise for them and real fun. We used to go to this when I was a kid so it was totally a trip down the memory lane. I also got to sit next to my youngest niece that gave up a fair struggle for the popcorn, I’m guessing we have another potential lover of popcorn dinner, just like her aunty.

The only downer during the weekend was the weather, another storm passed over Sweden (it’s quite a few of them now a days) and brought with it loads of water, just a little bit of flooding.

StormThe water is usually at least one meter below and one can take nice walks down there, not this time around. It was also extremely windy and cold wich made the walks over to sisters place less than comfortable walks. We really needed to walk over there though, I mean who wants to miss out on good food, cake and ice-cream!?!

Ice CreamQuality time with the family is real good and hanging out at mother’s place is real nice, this time around I got for whole days and half a day and an evening. Returning home I felt a bit re-energized and ready to take on the world, a little bit.

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