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7 things to prepare for February

It’s crazy how quickly time passes, the end of the first month of the year is already coming up and I feel a bit left behind. There’s nothing else to do than try to catch up with time and to my help I will revert back to my good old sevens list, thus 7 things I will attempt to get done this last week of January;

  1. Keep the mess at bay. I don’t understand how one person can make such a mess in such short time, this week I will make it my mission to not make it worse. If I’m lucky I might even make it less of a mess…
  2. Make sure that I do my homework before sitting down on the couch for just a few minutes when I get home from work, getting of that couch again is hard!
  3. Get out and about for a bit, maybe go for a walk if I can’t be bothered running or going to the gym. I just don’t think that the biking back and forth between work and home is enough, I’m becoming a couch potato that have problems sleeping. I have a feeling that some fresh air can do wonders.
  4. Eat properly! This far this year I have been a bit sloppy with the eating, too much snacking (even if healthy snacking) rather than proper meals.
  5. Cutting down on Doug, I took him back around Christmas and now I need to work up the energy to kick him out of my life again, one day I will manage it for good, for now I would be happy with just a little less of him.
  6. Think about something everyday that makes me happy, just to keep the good spirits in the cold dark Swedish winter.
  7. If I have some time left over between the studying, working, eating, exercising and all that jazz I should sit down with a book or my knitting rather than turning on the computer spending way too much time on YouTube, Zynga and all those time-wasting places on the big wide internet.

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