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Sushi – Hai Restaurant – Malmö

This week I had a date planned with my book circle, that my favourite Latte Mum have now also joined, where the location of the meet-up was a Sushi place (and yes it was my choice). Since we were going there anyhow this was as good as time as any to start our evaluation of the Malmö Sushi places.

I have been to restaurant Hai a couple of times before in the past, nothing that has made a lasting impression though other than that they serve Sushi and that it would be a decent place for the book circle. If you are curious, the book we talked about was Swimming to Elba (surprisingly the Swedish title is Steel) that’s a completely different post on a different blog though.Waiting

Let’s move on to the purpose of this post, the Sushi. I’m one of those people who is a bit spoilt with free Miso soup and I always get a bit surprised when they charge for it at a Sushi place. Even so I do order it because it kind of goes with the meal. This day I found the soup to be a tad bit too salty and the container it came in too small, thus not super happy. Soup

I also have a new tradition of starting my Sushi meals with Edmame beans (Miss Legals fault, she got me hooked on them) and, usually as a starter while deciding what to eat. It’s never easy to choose from the usually large menu’s with crazy many combinations. At this place they came together with my soup, and they were over-steamed, a bit soggy and with way too much chili sprinkled (or poured). I guess it can be hard to keep track of how long they been in the boiling water while in a busy kitchen.Edmame

We were six people this eve and most of us ordered the same thing but different the mixed platter called San, with our very own exceptions. It was easy to switch and it was done without extra charge, appreciated. Usually I just go for a Salmon only mix, sometimes with a tad of Tuna included. With a quick calculation I realized that mixing my own of Nigiris and Makis would be a bit too pricy so I for once went out on a limb. And I ate all of it while remembering why I usually go for the basics; strange sauces, garlic and other unidentifiable things are not really what I like.Food

The food was delivered in good speed even though the place was pretty full, extra plus for the service. Another extra plus for the service was that I came in at 5:30pm asking for a table for six for 6:00pm and after getting one without having booked I also occupied that table all by myself for 30 minutes until the rest of the girls showed up. There was no complaints or grumpiness from the staff, we like.

So what’s the conclusion? The sushi is too small, the soup to salty and the beans were over-cooked. I don’t think this will become a place that we will make many returns to. The total list with score and rank is found here.


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