Posted in Trains

Bussing it!

Finding myself on a bus this morning, since it’s me of course it’s not a normal bus ride.

It started with me being crazy nervous about missing the bus, as I want to be at the destination on time, so I was super early at the stop looking forward to a cold wait. Good thing I was, the bus left 10 minutes early!!! That should be illegal.

Settling down for the not so short ride with my coffee I figured it would be smooth sailing from there, yeah right! At one stop the bus driver gets out of his seat, walks to the back of the bus and starts yelling at one of the passengers telling him to get of. Apparently he hadn’t paid to go any further, and there I thought it was a good thing that we had a ten minute head start.
After some yelling back and forth, including some name calling, they settled their dispute and we went our merry way. I now get to enjoy the beauty of the Swedish landscape. I might be bus-traumatized for good though.


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