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Birthday Season Part 2

From Saturday to Tuesday and my actual birthday which have, as it does every year since the beginning of Facebook, made me feel real popular. Well, before Facebook I still felt popular just within the family rather than all my 100 and something Facebook friends.

I had a nice sleep in today and once waking up begun the day with a call from the flower delivery people asking when they could deliver the flowers that someone had ordered, and also asked me if I wanted to know who ordered them (1. isn’t that cheating and 2. not that hard of a guess mummy, love you for it). They might have looked sad outside my door but man they looked beautiful once I put them in a little plastic cup (yes, didn’t take me that long to run out of vases).

IMG_0258 IMG_0261

Before actually heading home I managed loads of other stuff, the day was spent at work where my collegues kindly endulged my need of attention. I then managed a quick beer with the old dudes at the corner bar;IMG_0256

All this before meeting up with the amazing Miss Legal at my fav tapas place.IMG_0257Seriously, when you go to a restaurant expecting to meet up with one of your best friends and her boyfriend, and you get only her…score big time! It was the perfect way to spend your actual birthday, a good friend, good food and a real good talk, I think that I even let her speak every now and then. Thank you Miss Legal for a fab time 🙂

I finished of the evening at Miss Neighbours house, coffee, herbal tea and another chat. what can I say? Nothing less than an ultimate night. Love my peeps!

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