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Sushi – Zen Sushi – Lund

There is this little Sushi place right next door to school that I have been thinking to visit since I started there, it just never happened. Thus when my Favourite Latte Mum had errands in the area today, it seemed to be a perfect moment to try out their food. It wasn’t! I think that we both had troubles finding positive things to say about the place.The place

I guess that one have to remember that it is a lunch place so the atmosphere isn’t very inviting, most people just come there to collect their take-aways and go somewhere else to eat. Therefor I guess that there is no reason to turn the music down so one can have a conversation or raise the heat so that cold Latte Mums can sit and eat without their jacket on.

The food looked good at sight, no complains there and the guy behind the counter was real nice and the Miso soup was included which is always a big positive. However, there were no Edmame beans to order, that will bring the score down.Food for two

As we sat down and started eating, there was a bit of surprise. The soup did not taste like usual, this is not a negative though, there was a sting to it and a slight taste of lime or lemon. Real yum and it went down without issue. The rice was a big no-no though. It was way to sticky and a bit dry, we did wonder when the sushi was made. You do get the feeling that the sushi was made a couple of hours earlier just sitting there waiting for us. And as we were chewing the rice just grew in our mouths. None of us managed to finish all our food.Close Up

This is a place that we wont come back to, even if the price is good, it’s just not worth it.Score

If you want to check out the competition, you can find it by clicking right here!

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