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A big pain in the back

Since yesterday around lunch my back has been hurting like hell. It’s fine as long as I’m lying down. When I walk, sit or bike on the other hand, it’s just hurting like crazy.
I have, as my generation do, googled pain in the back and the internet recommends not resting or lying down, no one should move, exercise and try to keep your back straight (ouch!), so as the internet is always right I tried taking the stairs down rather than the elevator.

Can’t say it worked that well, every time I put my foot on the next step the pain just rushed through my back!
Other recommendations have been painkillers and stretching my bum. Do you have any good ideas on how to deal with the pain? The internet also said that there’s no need to call your doctor until the pain has been around for about two weeks. I strongly hope that the pain will be gone way before that. Maybe a glass of red wine with dinner tonight, wine solves everything doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “A big pain in the back

  1. Wine always does it for me! I do find it strange that you were told not to call your doctor until it’s been two weeks. I would call a doctor as soon as I realized that pain meds were doing nothing!


    1. Well, a normal pain in the back should resolve itself within two weeks, according to the Internet. My colleague gave me some awesome exercises for back yesterday so it’s already a bit better. I pretty much do all I can to stay away from pain meds, don’t like taking them unless I really have to.


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