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The Swedish Goddess – Leftover food

I got a bit over excited this week, this is supposed to be the dinner for later however I couldn’t figure out what to eat tonight so I went ahead and made it tonight now, which means one dinner and lunch for the week is already sorted. Again, we are back to my new fav cookbook, The Simple Good. For each section in the book they have tips on how to handle leftovers and this pasta gratin caught my eye. Simple, cheap and easy – perfect for a Swedish Goddess dinner.

Pretty much you take the pasta that you cooked too much of (am I the only one that always cook too much pasta?) and put it in an oven safe dish, preferably after you put loads of butter in the bottom and on the edges.

On top of that you are supposed to add a tomato sauce, and I was so sure that I had a can of crushed tomatoes in my cupboard, it turned out it was white beans (packaging looks the same) so I had to wing it a bit. I had a tomato in the fridge so I cut that up, threw in some garlic, some leak I had in the freezer and the all time magic of a carrot. Mixed it all together and added some water and it’s almost like a tomato sauce.wpid-img_20150322_231438.jpg

While doing all this I cooked up a pack of bacon to add to the mix.

The final touch is grated cheese. Then chuck it in the oven.wpid-dsc_0503.jpg

Recommendation was to serve with a green salad and since iceberg lettuce and cucumber was pretty much what I had left in the fridge, green it was.wpid-img_20150322_231311.jpg

Oh dear how good it was, this is something that’s going to be made in my home even when there isn’t any leftover pasta! Thanks again Anna and Fanny Bergenström, this time you can’t really take cred for the recipe itself as I came up with the tomato sauce and bacon, loved the idea though!

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Weekly planning three days before payday

I don’t think I’m the only person around that right now are counting down the days to payday, mine happens to be on Wednesday. I’ve had a pretty good month, including a trip to Barcelona (and the accidental purchase of an amazing little bag), thus the planning of this weeks food is done accordingly.wpid-dsc_0189.jpg

I have two dishes that I never got around to cook last week, so that is easy as the food is purchased all I need to do is cook it. Then the rest is based on what I have in the cupboard in order to minimize the shopping needed, and it’s so little that I most likely will buy them on the way home from work tomorrow rather than heading out tonight.

So, this weeks menu will be;

Monday: Pork fillet with root vegetable cake (like potato cake with some other veggies)
Tuesday: Home made fish fingers
Wednesday: Pasta gratin
Thursday: Vegetable soup

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The Swedish Goddess – Chili Sin Carne

Once again, I do not take credit for this recipe as it is straight out of my new fav cook book, The Simple Good.wpid-wp-1426452149989.jpeg

This is a recipe that I hadn’t followed to the point if I was working full-time as it includes boiling your own beans firs, I would’ve just gone and bought the tin can ones. However, as I’m only working 50% I have the time to do things like letting the beans soak in cold water for twelve hours.wpid-dsc_0428.jpg

Once that’s done you have to boil them for everything between 40 minutes to two hours, crazy I know. I also have to work on my boiling beans skills, as I managed to break almost all of them. They still taste fine even if they got a bit mushy in the process.

Once you spent all that time on the beans, then you can actually start cooking the dish it self. And it’s an easy dish to cook. You chop up chili, garlic and onion while heating up some olive oil in a big pot. Then in with it and let it fry for a few minutes while adding cumin and cayenne pepper. Then add your beans, I used brown and black beans, bay leaves, crushed tomatoes and water. You let this boil for about 25-30 minutes, add some salt in the end and then you are done.wpid-img_20150322_140549.jpg

I ate the Chili wrapped in tortilla bread with a very dollop of sour cream, yum and addictive. It also falls within the limit of what my meals are allowed to cost, not sure that will be the case if you buy the canned beans instead.wpid-dsc_0471.jpg

On another note, my tummy isn’t that used to eat that much beans, so I give you a fair warning on what can happen – it’s called gas!

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Sushi – Rå Epok – Lund

wpid-dsc_0454.jpgTuesday night saw another night out for me and my favourite Latte Mum, and again we went for Sushi (surprise). This time we once again heading to Lund for our dinner and a place called Rå Epok (sorry, their web page only seem to be in Swedish). I have been there before, it is an interesting place as they do Sushi with a twist, the Skåne way (Skåne being the part of Sweden we live in).

It was quite a busy night and if it’s always like that I guess service isn’t what you need to focus most on, the staff did not wake up on their best side this day. Sad, if I may say it myself, as it took down their score quite a bit. They also don’t serve Miso soup or Edamame beans, also this took down their score a bit.

We ordered a large serving of Salmon Nigiri and a Maki roll with Char, apple, cream cheesewpid-dsc_0449.jpg and chives. And man it was good. The quality of the fish was the best we had this far, the Salmon pretty much melted in my mouth. The idea of putting apple in the Maki roll is nothing short of amazing, it need to be the right kind of apple though.

It is a nice little place, where the decoration matches the food and the music that plays at a comfortable level, is Skåne music only. Nice that they take their local format all the way, as the ingredients they use for the food are all local as well.

All in all, this is a place that I can recommend, just expect the staff to be a bit nonchalant and quite uninterested of you as a guest. The food is so good that they get away with it. I guess the best way to go about it is to have take-away, then the taste of the food is the last impression that you have of them.

Rå epok ScoresIf you want to check out how they stand up to their competition, you find the scores here.

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The Swedish Goddess lazy dinner

One thing, well two things actually, that I forgot while making the weekly meal plan on Sunday, was the plans I made for the week. Tuesday night saw me celebrate Latte Mums new job (big congrats to her)and today I’ll be heading out for some stand-up comedy, thus no dinners.
Last night I had no plans, still managed to get home late and was in no mood to  cook a fancy dinner. That’s when you go through your stock to find something quick and easy, which I did! From time to time my store have specials on precooked corn on the cob, I try to make sure to always have some at home. I cut them up in smaller bits, boil them and serve with a healthy dollop of butter, salt and pepper. On the rare occasions that I have sour cream at home, I add that as well.


Quick, easy, cheap and totally yum! What did you have for dinner last night?

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Waffle morning

Having an at home day on a Tuesday has its benefits, one have time to make waffle brunch. They were yum!


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The Swedish goddess – being inspired

As I mentioned yesterday this week I’m finding inspiration for my dinners in this fantastic cookbook (translated ‘The simple good’) written by Anna and Fanny Bergenström (so please note, I do not take any credit for the recipe!).wpid-wp-1426452149989.jpeg

For Monday dinner I picked a fish dish called Totte’s fish for two, which seemed simple and yum, and hey guys – it was!

You simply start with peeling the potatoes and then slice them real thin into a bowl. Sprinkle some olive oil over them, add some crushed garlic, salt and pepper and mix (gently) together. Layer them in greased oven safe container.

You leave the potatoes in the oven (210 degrees celsius) for 25 minutes, during which time, if you are smart, clean up the mess that you made sorting the potatoes out. I also used the time for some Farmville II and making a small green side salad. I’m not much for dressings so I just add olive oil, salt and pepper.

When the potatoes are done, you take them out of the oven, add the fish on top and put some big dollops of garlic butter on top. Also this I make myself (you know, the budget thing) but you can buy it ready-made at the grocery store.

According to the recipe you are also supposed to put slices of lemon on top of the fish (and butter), I however take the easy way out (in other words, I forgot to buy lemons) and use the lemon juice you can get at the shop and keep in the fridge for ages.

Once this is done, you put the potatoe-fish dish back in the oven for about 12 minutes until the fish is done. And voila, you have your dinner, and a good one to boot.

This is definitely a dish I will revisit even if it came out on the pricier side of my dinners, I guess it’s all about being on the look out for good prices on the fish as that is the biggest cost. Thanks Anna and Fanny for the amazing food!