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Friday night I’m sitting with the old dudes at the corner (love my old dudes) and my sister rang. It’s not a surprise that my sister call me, she does that every now and then, I call her too, you know, because we like talking to each other. This time though she called to tell me that she and the little family was in Malmö. Total whoop whoop. It doesn’t matter that I was home last weekend and got sister and nieces time, and Peter too, I love having them around.
Anyhow, she called me to let me know that we where to hang out on Saturday!  Not complaining!  It’s hard to describe how much fun it is to sit in the back seat of my sister’s/brother-in-laws car and listen to the barely strung together stories of my nieces, or getting to hug your sister when you I your thought it would be a couple of months until you saw her next. Even spending some time with the brother-in-law dude that she keep bringing around is pretty ok! Seeing his friends Facebook updateds after the reason they came down might be a bit traumatic though!


They picked me up Saturday morning for a trip to Emporia, the mall pride of Malmö. My morning being right in time for lunch, however me and the little ones (me will never outgrow this) got the dad to drive to the top floor of the parking. Turns out they also made this awesome park on the top of the mall where you on a good day can see all the way to Denmark, this was not a great day;


Never mind, lunch took a while since we had to check out the roof and it seemed they had a legit reason to go to the mall (dear dubai cousin you might figure out why (by the way say hi to aunty)) and then it was time for lunch. Seriously peeps, if you are ever in Malmö and at Emporia, try out the seven sins burgers found at the food court, they are awesome!


Just don’t get their fries, go to the max burger fastfood place on the other side, their fries are soo much better!
After food there was coffee, bookstore and me watching the youngest niece while at the indoors playground. I don’t mind doing that because when I tell her new she listens, when her mummy shows up and says no, she doesn’t. And people wonder why I don’t want kids of my own!
Seriously, best way of spending a Saturday, wish that my whole family lived down here so we could do this every weekend!!!

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