Posted in Barcelona 2015

Me and my trusted companion

Finally, the time is here for another trip! It’s an afternoon flight and those are annoying as I woke up before the alarm, sat and had my coffee, packed my bag, had a nice long shower, did the last of the dishes, threw out the garbage, exchanged money, and bought chocolate for mini-me Jr and still I was early.
I had planned with taking one train earlier than I had to, just in case! I ended up taking two trains earlier than that because I got bored being home.


Arriving at the airport way in time, having already checked in while on the train and in possession of a boarding pass on my phone, it was straight through security (US airports could learn some from the CPH airport, seriously efficient) with loads of time to spend. I went for the usual, and overpriced BLT and my “what I spoil myself with when in Denmark” magazine.


Now me and my trusted companion, the little backpack, and I are sitting at the gate waiting for our flight to Barcelona to start boarding.



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