Posted in Barcelona 2015


The trip to Barcelona was surprisingly smooth, with train and flights you never know when I’m around. The only slight glitch was when leaving the airport down here, I had to wait for ages before a train arrived and once it did it trained for a few hundred meters just to come to a complete standstill for about twenty minutes. It did start again though and I made it to the station where I was to meet the girls and they where standing there waiting.
We started with going to Mini Me Jr’s place, in the area Gracia (absolutely beautiful btw) to drop of my stuff and then head out again. We went to a place the girls seems quite fond of, Mama’s Cafe that had a lovely back garden.


After welcome drinks we moved on to grab some dinner, local catalonia food my first night and yum it was. This evenings tapas was a bomb, some salmon, squid and tomato rubbed bread;


After dinner but before walking Lady D to the metro there was another place with another wondrous back garden, I seem to have been in slight remiss of taking photos in there, got one of the front sign tough;


It had been a long day for two of us, less long for the third, however after this place it was time to cool it down and there was a dog that needed to be walked. With some false confidence in my blood (called red wine), I took charge of the dog walking!!!


Everything not mentioned here goes under “what happens in Barcelona stays in Barcelona”!

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