Posted in Barcelona 2015

Bring your friend to work afternoon

Lady D os enabled to be in Barcelona, her work is enabling her as she doesn’t have to be in the actual office (no, I’m not jealous) to work. So she moved down here while figuring out the rest of her life but still working. One of the things she do is to hang out at a place called Beta house, a co-working hangout. Me personally can question the working part with views like this;



She worked, I updated my blog (which would have kind of been working if I had made any kind of effort in making money of this thing) and as in any kind of work we had a break.


After a while Mini Me Jr came as well and sat down to study math.
I have to admit that the concept made me feel like starting my company again, guess I just have to figure out in what area. And as always, being on vacation and away from the real world I’m back at wanting to finish writing one of all those books I’ve started.

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