Posted in Barcelona 2015

Another lunch in the sun

Three girls getting ready take a while so after the coffee and home made juice, it was time for lunch. Today we walked to Placa del Sol with a fancy view;


And a quaint little place;


Where we might have gone a little nuts on the menu with some cod balls.




Tomato with mozzarella.


And then a mini burger each;


And that was just the starters, we finished of with some nachos and some kind of home made guacamole.


The service started out well then just went down hill! If you want a snack, go for it if you want fabulous food and service worth tipping, go some where else.

Since it’s still not the weekend here I’ve been attempting to help out Mini Me Jr with her maths, doing that while drinking wine (because I’m on vacation) isn’t going to great so now the smart and brilliant Lady D is here to help us both!


The day will continue my peeps, will let you know some other time what. Now! In to the fog!

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