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Sunday brunch

Running out of scented candles is a big no, no in my home. I love having candles lit in every room and love when they spread that sweet scent around them. Adding to the addiction I also need them to be color coordinated, blue/green for the bedroom, red/orange for the kitchen and brown/beige for the living room.


The best place to feed this addiction is ikea, that happens to be about a 30 minute bike from my house. I also managed to get Miss Legal along for the ride, so we decided to try out IKEAs brunch since we were already going there.
The place was packed, and I can see why, the brunch had everything a brunch needs (well, maybe not the bubbles) and is very price worthy. I’m guessing I won’t have to eat much more food today!


At the checkout I were real pleased with myself that in addition to the candles I only left with two other things, both things being things I actually need. Not an easy feat when visiting IKEA.
Before heading back home we also stopped by the Danish shop ILVA, a bit pricier and a place that is better to go for inspiration rather than shopping.

I found this amazing lamp and instantly fell in love and wished that I found it before birthday season started. It would be amazing in my bedroom.


Guess it’s time to start saving up now! Hope you all are having an awesome Sunday peeps.

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