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Sushi – Rå Epok – Lund

wpid-dsc_0454.jpgTuesday night saw another night out for me and my favourite Latte Mum, and again we went for Sushi (surprise). This time we once again heading to Lund for our dinner and a place called Rå Epok (sorry, their web page only seem to be in Swedish). I have been there before, it is an interesting place as they do Sushi with a twist, the Skåne way (Skåne being the part of Sweden we live in).

It was quite a busy night and if it’s always like that I guess service isn’t what you need to focus most on, the staff did not wake up on their best side this day. Sad, if I may say it myself, as it took down their score quite a bit. They also don’t serve Miso soup or Edamame beans, also this took down their score a bit.

We ordered a large serving of Salmon Nigiri and a Maki roll with Char, apple, cream cheesewpid-dsc_0449.jpg and chives. And man it was good. The quality of the fish was the best we had this far, the Salmon pretty much melted in my mouth. The idea of putting apple in the Maki roll is nothing short of amazing, it need to be the right kind of apple though.

It is a nice little place, where the decoration matches the food and the music that plays at a comfortable level, is Skåne music only. Nice that they take their local format all the way, as the ingredients they use for the food are all local as well.

All in all, this is a place that I can recommend, just expect the staff to be a bit nonchalant and quite uninterested of you as a guest. The food is so good that they get away with it. I guess the best way to go about it is to have take-away, then the taste of the food is the last impression that you have of them.

Rå epok ScoresIf you want to check out how they stand up to their competition, you find the scores here.

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