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The Swedish Goddess lazy dinner

One thing, well two things actually, that I forgot while making the weekly meal plan on Sunday, was the plans I made for the week. Tuesday night saw me celebrate Latte Mums new job (big congrats to her)and today I’ll be heading out for some stand-up comedy, thus no dinners.
Last night I had no plans, still managed to get home late and was in no mood to  cook a fancy dinner. That’s when you go through your stock to find something quick and easy, which I did! From time to time my store have specials on precooked corn on the cob, I try to make sure to always have some at home. I cut them up in smaller bits, boil them and serve with a healthy dollop of butter, salt and pepper. On the rare occasions that I have sour cream at home, I add that as well.


Quick, easy, cheap and totally yum! What did you have for dinner last night?

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