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The Swedish Goddess – Chili Sin Carne

Once again, I do not take credit for this recipe as it is straight out of my new fav cook book, The Simple Good.wpid-wp-1426452149989.jpeg

This is a recipe that I hadn’t followed to the point if I was working full-time as it includes boiling your own beans firs, I would’ve just gone and bought the tin can ones. However, as I’m only working 50% I have the time to do things like letting the beans soak in cold water for twelve hours.wpid-dsc_0428.jpg

Once that’s done you have to boil them for everything between 40 minutes to two hours, crazy I know. I also have to work on my boiling beans skills, as I managed to break almost all of them. They still taste fine even if they got a bit mushy in the process.

Once you spent all that time on the beans, then you can actually start cooking the dish it self. And it’s an easy dish to cook. You chop up chili, garlic and onion while heating up some olive oil in a big pot. Then in with it and let it fry for a few minutes while adding cumin and cayenne pepper. Then add your beans, I used brown and black beans, bay leaves, crushed tomatoes and water. You let this boil for about 25-30 minutes, add some salt in the end and then you are done.wpid-img_20150322_140549.jpg

I ate the Chili wrapped in tortilla bread with a very dollop of sour cream, yum and addictive. It also falls within the limit of what my meals are allowed to cost, not sure that will be the case if you buy the canned beans instead.wpid-dsc_0471.jpg

On another note, my tummy isn’t that used to eat that much beans, so I give you a fair warning on what can happen – it’s called gas!

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