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Weekly planning three days before payday

I don’t think I’m the only person around that right now are counting down the days to payday, mine happens to be on Wednesday. I’ve had a pretty good month, including a trip to Barcelona (and the accidental purchase of an amazing little bag), thus the planning of this weeks food is done accordingly.wpid-dsc_0189.jpg

I have two dishes that I never got around to cook last week, so that is easy as the food is purchased all I need to do is cook it. Then the rest is based on what I have in the cupboard in order to minimize the shopping needed, and it’s so little that I most likely will buy them on the way home from work tomorrow rather than heading out tonight.

So, this weeks menu will be;

Monday: Pork fillet with root vegetable cake (like potato cake with some other veggies)
Tuesday: Home made fish fingers
Wednesday: Pasta gratin
Thursday: Vegetable soup

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