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The Swedish Goddess – Leftover food

I got a bit over excited this week, this is supposed to be the dinner for later however I couldn’t figure out what to eat tonight so I went ahead and made it tonight now, which means one dinner and lunch for the week is already sorted. Again, we are back to my new fav cookbook, The Simple Good. For each section in the book they have tips on how to handle leftovers and this pasta gratin caught my eye. Simple, cheap and easy – perfect for a Swedish Goddess dinner.

Pretty much you take the pasta that you cooked too much of (am I the only one that always cook too much pasta?) and put it in an oven safe dish, preferably after you put loads of butter in the bottom and on the edges.

On top of that you are supposed to add a tomato sauce, and I was so sure that I had a can of crushed tomatoes in my cupboard, it turned out it was white beans (packaging looks the same) so I had to wing it a bit. I had a tomato in the fridge so I cut that up, threw in some garlic, some leak I had in the freezer and the all time magic of a carrot. Mixed it all together and added some water and it’s almost like a tomato sauce.wpid-img_20150322_231438.jpg

While doing all this I cooked up a pack of bacon to add to the mix.

The final touch is grated cheese. Then chuck it in the oven.wpid-dsc_0503.jpg

Recommendation was to serve with a green salad and since iceberg lettuce and cucumber was pretty much what I had left in the fridge, green it was.wpid-img_20150322_231311.jpg

Oh dear how good it was, this is something that’s going to be made in my home even when there isn’t any leftover pasta! Thanks again Anna and Fanny Bergenström, this time you can’t really take cred for the recipe itself as I came up with the tomato sauce and bacon, loved the idea though!

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