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Birtday Season Part 8

I can pretty much promise that this will be the last update for Birthday Season 2015. One of my birthday gifts was a couple of tickets for a stand-up comedy show, real good pressie as I have never been to one before. I received two tickets with the comment that I could bring whoever I wanted, but of course I brought the person that gave the tickets to my, nothing more than fair.

We met up before the show for a quick beer, and there we ran into a couple of friends that, when they found out what we were up to wanted to come along. The more the merrier I say. And since the two of them wasn’t around for any of the previous birthday celebrations we made this one to with some pink bubbly to kick of the show.wpid-dsc_0475.jpg

The location is called Bee Bar, I’ve been there before without knowing that they had a basement where they put on shows. Also complete with free candy and a pimped bathroom.wpid-img_20150407_164812.jpg wpid-img_20150407_165055.jpg wpid-img_20150407_165030.jpg

It was a nice giggle provided by four acts (I know the picture quality isn’t the best) known as Magnus Andersson, Ludde Samuelsson, Martin Åström and Emma Knyckare.wpid-dsc_0478.jpg wpid-dsc_0489.jpgwpid-dsc_0487.jpgwpid-dsc_0482.jpg


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