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Movie of the Week – Insurgent

On my flight to the US last year I ended up watching a so-so good movie called Divergent. When I arrived in the US I borrowed all the books in the series as e-books and flicked through them. Neither the movie nor the books were that great to be honest. However, the guy playing the male lead is damn hot in my opinion. So, when the second movie reached the theatres here in Sweden I just had to spend some of those movie gift certificates that I got for Christmas, to get me some drooling time.


At first I thought I would have the whole theatre to myself, and was very disappointed when right when the movie started some more people arrived. I got even more disappointed when it turned out that some of the latecomers had no clue as to how you behave in public.


If you want to spend a couple of hours chatting with your friends, you can do that at home, at a café or even a bar maybe. Do not do it while sitting behind me, when I want some quality time with Theo James. Trust me, I told them of. Nicely the first time, less nice the second time – it did shut them up though!

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