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Movie of the Week – The second best exotic Marigold Hotel

Around Christmas, I think it was, me and mother dearest went to the movies and saw the trailer for The second best exotic Marigold Hotel. In Sweden it’s plainly called Hotel Marigold 2, so we figured it was a sequel. Since then my mother has managed to see the first one, I haven’t, still, we decided to go see it and boy am I glad we did.


There’s loads of laughing, some little tears in the corner of you eye and total feel good, all in one movie. I will make an effort to try and see the first one, I also hope they make a third one as I’m dying to know what will happen with all the characters. If you haven’t seen them, I can at least recommend the second one, you won’t regret it.

It wasn’t an empty cinema this time, it was quite packed actually, I however thought it wouldn’t matter as it was full of grown-ups rather than annoying little brats. I was wrong, the lady next to me babbled pretty much the whole movie through. Really people?!?!

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