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World Cup Hockey

The world cup in ice hockey for ladies was played here in Malmö this year, and of course I made sure that I could at least attend one game, that happened to be the quarter finals. As my friend was coming over from Copenhagen, we ended up being a tad bit late due to train troubles (surprise! Even if it wasn’t me on the train) so when we arrived the game had already begun. Waiting for the blow of the whistle so we could find our seats, I managed to get myself a picture of me and the pretty awesome mascot.


At my seat I changed into my very pretty three crown (the name of our national teams in hockey) jersey to properly show our support for the ladies. Something that the rest of Malmö didn’t managed. I was real disappointed at how few people that actually had managed to get themselves to the game. How about supporting our national teams in bigger tournaments people!!!



That said, this being the first time I’ve attended a game of hockey played by females, it’s not really the same thing. The fact that they don’t get to tackle kind of sucks, I mean hockey is a contact sport and they have kind of taken the contact out of the contact sport. I think they should change the rules so that there can be some more action in the games.

Unfortunately the ladies lost against Russia, not fairly though as I thought the swedes played loads better. So what does one do when your team loses a game? You drown your sorrows in Strawberry Margaritas J


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