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On Thursday I left Malmö by train, of course coupled with a little bit of train drama, how could it be otherwise. This time I arrived to the station to see a message that my train would be 45 minutes delayed. Down with a real shitty man-cold I was in no mood to walk back home, so I used my full Sub Club card to score myself a sub (trying to order a sub with almost no voice is not to be recommended) and sat down to enjoy my 45 minutes. Just as I had finished the sub, I looked up on the board again and all of the sudden the train was to depart in time and I had to rush to the platform. I can’t complain, really, I’m very happy that we were away on time and not like last year when I had to go back home and take a train the next morning. Bye bye Malmö!wpid-img_20150402_142220.jpg

Once at the summerhouse the Easter bunny was generous, I scored a total of three nice eggs, and of course the biggest one of all! I might be over thirty; I’m still a child at heart.wpid-img_20150412_130817.jpg

The summerhouse delivered as usual with beautiful sunsets, bright clear moons and lovely time spent on the front porch reading my books working on a nice pinkish tan for my face.wpid-img_20150403_110026.jpgwpid-img_20150405_133716.jpgwpid-dsc_0561.jpg

In line with the Easter spirit, there was also the traditional painting of eggs and mothers tradition of egg nog. I don’t drink that stuff myself, however I have now managed to make one so I know how to. I’m sure that’s a skill that will come in handy at some point.wpid-img_20150412_154820.jpg

The road home wasn’t without excitement that either. As it was Sunday timetable on the trains (even though it was Monday) my normal train to reach my connection wasn’t available and I had to take an earlier train. This train was run by a different company so my little plastic card wasn’t acceptable. It then turned out that my bank card wasn’t working either. The lady was nice enough to let me ride along anyhow, phew.

Then I arrived to the station where I need to get my connection, I was early and the previous train was late, maybe I could jump on that one instead and be home early? Nooooo, that cannot be done, my ticket isn’t changeable and thus I have to take my own train. Oh well, that’s life. Maybe a cappuccino while I’m waiting. The chip on my card still isn’t working and the ladies at the coffee shop didn’t know how to work around that part. After loads of attempts on the same, they just gave me the coffee. Anything to get me out of there I guess.

So I took my coffee and went down to the exciting platform that my train was due to leave from. The sun was still shining so got to work some more on the pinkish tan for my face, enjoy my book and coffee.wpid-img_20150406_152546.jpg

The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful and I made it home in one piece. Wouldn’t have minded staying at the house for a few more days though, it’s just so relaxing and peaceful compared to my quite messy home and depressing view from the office. Oh well, I’ll soon be back there anyhow.

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