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Last fall my sister started to talk about how she wanted to go to Stockholm for a weekend, and figured we could make a sister weekend out of it. Since I’m so easy, I said yes without issue. The weekend has been planned for months, and now it was finally time. Once again I had to take my chance on the train, and it seems like the train jinx is cooling down as the trip went without issue. My sister arrived on another train from Gotham and we arrived within minutes of each other.
The hotel she found for us, on a discount deal, is right in the mid of the city and only a short walk from the train station. Our room was on the top floor, a quaint little attic room.wpid-dsc_0605.jpg wpid-img_20150417_225412.jpg wpid-dsc_0606.jpgWe ditched our stuff and headed out for a small bar hopping session combined with shopping (I finally found the perfect spring jacket to replace the ten year old one that I recently threw out), before heading back to the hotel for a yum dinner in their amazing little restaurant that will get it’s very own post as it was just so sweet.wpid-dsc_0609.jpg wpid-dsc_0613.jpg Top scores to sis for the hotel!

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