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Welcome to Kung Carls Bakficka – Tre Rum & Kök

The hotel that we stayed had this wonderful restaurant called Kung Carls Bakficka – Tre Rum & Kök (translation King Carl’s Back pocket – Three rooms and a kitchen) which is decorated as three rooms and a kitchen. It means that different parts of the restaurant is decorated differently. For dinner we were seated in the orangery.


Upstairs they had a library (never got around to go upstairs).DSC_0616And of course there was the kitchen.DSC_0615

The food was as beautiful as the interior of the restaurant, we ordered two dishes to share, a salmon dish and my new favorite of red beets and goat cheese. My sister got the salmon dish first, and dug into it before I had the time to take a picture, she is forgiven as she doesn’t have her own blog or are addicted to social media like her little sister.DSC_0619DSC_0620DSC_0621The staff was amazing, good service with a sense of humor, which is required in order to put up with me and my sister. It wasn’t the same staff for breakfast the next morning when we had the pleasure of partaking the same in the restaurant. Two beautiful long brekkies with morning paper and food that someone else cooked for us.DSC_0626 DSC_0665If you ever stop by Stockholm I totally recommend you top stop by this place for a meal, it wont disappoint.

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