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Walking around

Saturday morning started with breakfast of course (well, maybe it started with my sister almost getting her head bitten of due to my morning temper, might or might not have something to do with me still being single) shown in the previous post before we headed out. The hotel was close to so many nice things that we could just walk to. We started with checking out the National Library of Sweden.DSC_0627DSC_0628DSC_0630DSC_0632Feeling very deep and artistic after feeling the wings of the ages, we turned our step towards the Museum of Modern Art, a nice walk in the sun as Stockholm was showing its best side. A small recommendation if visiting this specific museum, stay away from the exhibition called “I’ve been to hell and back”, unless you want to be traumatized for life! Just sayin. Having my own spidy at home, I do like theirs…DSC_0635In order to try to recover from our trauma, since no one warned us about the exhibition, we found a nice little ‘park’ called Kungsträdgården that included a small cafe that could provide us with a snack and something to calm the nerves.DSC_0636 DSC_0637 DSC_0639What completely made my sisters day, if not weekend, was the free skittles they were handing out as we continued on our merry way.DSC_0640With the sad, sad weather, all that blue sky and sunshine, we just had to go inside and check out some of the malls all around the center of Stockholm. Finishing of the walking session of the day with frozen yoghurt, you are all more than welcome to enter the competition of guessing which one is mine and which one is my sisters. This far everyone has gotten it right, I don’t get how.DSC_0642 DSC_0644 DSC_0645I was considering adding our dinner to this post, it was just so damn good though that it deserves its very own post!

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