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Dramaten – The Royal Dramatic Theatre

The pitch my sister used on me to lure me on this sad and cumbersome trip to our nations capital city, was that there is a Shakespeare play playing at the Swedish national theatre – Dramaten. She knows for sure that no matter what else, I can’t really turn that down. So, on Saturday night we found ourselves all dressed up ready to be really cultural, sadly, we were almost the only ones to think that the occasion was worth dressing up for.DSC_0658

I managed to convince my sister that a glass of bubbly was in order (even though the pitcher of sangria might have been her breaking point, she is a full-time working mother of two (three if you count the hubby) after all) to kick us of, and allow us to stand in this amazing room.DSC_0660 DSC_0661

The Shakespeare of choice is Twelfth Night, and the ensemble provided us with real good laughs, especially when they sometimes managed to add some modern twists and comments in there. It’s no easy feat to manage to get references to swedish politics in there. The time passed quickly and it was a bit sad when it was over, kudos for the amazing job. The only small complaint I can have on this totally beautiful theater is the chairs, my poor body was kind of hurting a tad after all the walking this day, it didn’t get any better from sitting in uncomfortable wooden chairs for a couple of hours. However that’s almost forgotten by now.DSC_0664 DSC_0663 DSC_0662I almost forgot, on our way from our hotel to Dramaten, we walked past a bar with an outdoor serving area, and guess who was sitting there!?!?!! Our dear prince and his fiancée…had my mother not raised me so well, I might had stopped to take a picture, I didn’t though so you have to take my word for it.

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