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Book circling

It was time again to meet up with the lovely girls in my book circle. This time around we read the book American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Again, a book I wouldn’t have chosen myself, again this is the main reason for having a book circle, to read books outside of your comfort zone.

The book circle also enables me to see new sides of the city I’ve been calling home since 2009. Since we meet up over dinner, and we all come with suggestions as to where to meet, I get to try out new restaurants, again some that I probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise. This time we went to a place called Spoonery, a real quaint little place with amazing food and adorable service.DSC_0679 DSC_0681As me and at least one of the other girls, usually are pretty keen on a glass of wine with our book talking, we were a little bit let down by the fact that there are no wine at Spoonery. However, the lady behind the counter told us to walk down the street to a little wine bar, after food that is. And so we did.

The place is called Kiez, and is a low-key place with unusual wine and an owner that is interested in wines and making sure that her customers get something they like. She asked what kind we liked, pulled out a few bottles and as she was telling us the story about the wine, we could try it. Of course a glass of wine here costs a tad bit more than it does in a normal bar, but hey, it’s worth it because you sit and savour it rather than sculling it down in order to get the next one.DSC_0685I’m already looking forward to the next book circling, the book is ordered and on it’s way home to me as we speak. I might need to consider the books we choose a bit more carefully though, maybe try to get them to match with my reading challenge.

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