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Gotham Crazy Food Friday

Yes, yet again I jumped on one of those things called a train that took me all the way to Gotham City. This time I slept most of the ride home, thus I don’t have pictures of my book and coffee, I hope you wont miss it too much. I took the late train this time thus arrived in Gotham late and pretty much crashed into bed.

Waking up the next morning was a charm though. My mother currently have an exchange student living with her, an exchange student that is kind enough to make oat meal pancakes for you in the morning. They were real good and I need to write down the recipe to see if I can make them as good myself.IMG_20150417_102227What a way to start the day you think, yes, and it just kept going, as me and the exchange student headed in to the city for lunch. Nothing wrong with some running sushi for lunch, now is it? We went to a place called Super Rullband that had surprisingly good Sushi to a fair price during lunch. Might have to drag my favourite Latte Mum with me to Gotham sometime so that we can try this place for our Sushi quest.DSC_0692 DSC_0693 DSC_0695This crazy food Friday didn’t end there though, as tacos are a friday tradition in this country, Fredags Mys, the exchange student needed to be included together with her exchange student friend. So the Friday ended with tex-mex frenzy, yum! Guess it was a good thing that me and the exchange student walked home from town rather than taking the bus, nothing beats a one hour walk when food needs to be consumed, or what do you say?DSC_0697 DSC_0698What a Friday I tell you! I slept soundly that night!

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