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The reason for Gotham

There was of course a reason for me travelling to Gotham this weekend and that being birthdays! Usually my plastic aunt never let us come and celebrate her birthday, this year she did because she turned an even number (not gonna tell you which, as you never talk about a lady’s age), thus I did the great big sacrifice of taking the train up to take part of the celebration.

It started in a nice way, as her oldest grandchild brought out the crayons to draw on the ground in the beautiful sunny weather. Since I love crayons I also wanted to draw.wpid-img_20150421_133045.jpg

After being Picasso for a few minutes we headed inside and tried to get the party started with some music, it turns out that my plastic uncle have a tad too much time on his hands as he had made a playlist with one song only, every version of that song made to be exact!wpid-dsc_0706.jpg

It was a nice afternoon, the sun was shining, my nieces were there for me to hug and as usual the conversations flow freely, quickly jumping from one topic to another. I think that even the exchange student enjoyed herself. The only thing with days like this is that my dad is missed more than usual, when we all are in one place it so much more obvious that he is gone. Hey, lets focus on the positive, right?

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