Quality of Life


The ice-hockey season is slowly coming to an end, it has ended for the teams that I’m interested in at least except for the World cup that starts in May. So when there are no more hockey games to watch it is time to turn to the football. As it happened my team (BK Häcken) had a home game this weekend so I convinced mother dearest that it was a good idea to go, and bring the Exchange student for some Swedish quality football, or something like that.wpid-dsc_0714.jpgwpid-dsc_0710.jpgIt also turned out to be a derby against the biggest of the Gotham teams, IFK Göteborg. I sadly have to admit that my team isn’t known for having the most amazing and loyal fans, and it became quite obvious during this game as IFK fans had to head to the away section of the arena while the standing section for the home team wasn’t even open. I can easily say that the IFK fans won that part of the competition.

wpid-dsc_0717.jpg wpid-dsc_0716.jpgThey also unfairly won the game, there was a penalty that shouldn’t have been, and since both teams played real crap football this evening it would’ve been more fair if the game ended 1-1 rather than 1-2, however, Life isn’t fair – that’s just how it was.wpid-dsc_0718.jpg

I’m still a bigger ice-hockey fan than football, that said, it is good to have football as a distraction during the short summer break without ice-hockey. Luckily it’s not that long until the season starts again.


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