Posted in Sweden

Lunch in the sun

Monday morning came with sunshine and the day off, the perks of working half-time. I could sleep in, wake up slowly and enjoy my morning before heading into town to meet mother dearest.

Another perk of having time on your hands is that you don’t have to use the means of transportation that is the quickest, instead you can take a slow twenty-minute walk, enjoy the scenery and the beautiful weather.wpid-dsc_0721.jpg wpid-dsc_0723.jpg wpid-dsc_0720.jpg wpid-dsc_0722.jpgIn Gotham they have a free ferry that run across the river between two stops, Lindholmen and Rosenlund, if you ever happen to visit this lovely city and feel like venture off the beaten track, I suggest you try it out while heading to the Hising Island to check it out. I think that most tourists probably just stay on the mainland.wpid-dsc_0724.jpg wpid-dsc_0729.jpgMy mother had an early class and then stayed in school to work on an assignment, so I headed there to meet her and then go to the quaint city part Haga for lunch. With the sun heating up the air we could sit outside and enjoy our food, my choice of the day was fish (highly recommended to eat seafood while visiting Gotham).wpid-dsc_0734.jpg wpid-dsc_0733.jpgAfter lunch we stopped at a little soap shop, where they make their own soap in the back. I’m now the proud owner of a scrub soap made of grapes, where the scrub part is provided by the grapes kernels. I’m looking forward to try it out, for some reason it feels better with handmade soap rather than the scrubs you by in plastic containers at the grocery store, don’t know why.wpid-dsc_0738.jpg wpid-dsc_0736.jpg wpid-dsc_0737.jpg

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