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Connectivity problems #1

Sitting in the office on a pretty normal Tuesday, I suddenly receive a text message from my cellphone provider. They claim that I have used all my data for this month, and if I want to continue to surf the web I need to pay money to get more.wpid-wp-1429695953498.jpeg

As I changed my plan not that long ago, when I got my new phone, it also came with more data than I had before. I thought it was silly because I never really managed to use all the data then. I can’t say that I’ve changed my surfing behavior that much (i.e. still addicted to social media, but not more addicted to social media) so I find it strange that I reached my limit. Thus, I refuse to spend money on more data. Instead I see this as a challenge, with ten days to go of the month I can survive, or can I?

It started already the same afternoon, when I were to head out on the countryside and realized that I didn’t know which bus I was supposed to be on. I had memorized the time it was due to leave however not the number, so I just had to call my Favorite Latte Mum and ask, in comparison with data I have unlimited free calls on my phone.

I’m also happy that I have an android phone as it still come with good old FM radio, so I could listen to music without any of the apps. During my very short relationship with an IPhone I was pretty shocked to realize that they do not have FM radio.wpid-img_20150421_161504.jpg

There was also free wi-fi on the bus. How hard can life be without data on your phone? Well, I survived the first day.

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