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Off-line #2

Day two without data on my phone went surprisingly smooth, the bus from my Favorite Latte Mum’s place had free Wi-Fi and from the bus stop to the office it was a short bike ride, where data wasn’t needed really. Arriving in the office I just hooked my phone up to the office Wi-Fi and the day was sorted. Leaving the office I just had to revert back to good old texting rather than free messenger services, and with free unlimited texting that’s no issue.

The trauma kicked in when I got home to turn on my PC and remembered the text I received from my mother while on my way  home from Gotham, my power cord was still there. The PC was dead! I will get my power cord back on Friday, as long as mother dearest remember to bring it, and Friday is tomorrow. The timing is pretty off though as it’s pay day here in Sweden (for some of us at least) tomorrow and I need to go through my budget and transfer money from the account I get my money into, to the account where I keep my spending money. Of course I haven’t been smart enough to save my budget in the cloud, so I can sort that until I receive my power cord. Problem being that this will happen at the summer-house and guess what, we don’t have any Wi-Fi there.

It’s going to be an interesting weekend, I’ll tell you that! But I can do it, I will not pay my cell phone provider any more money for data, I still think they are trying to rip me off.

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