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Pajama Party

As her hubby was away for a conference I saw the chance of some quality time with my Favorite Latte Mum, thus after work I jumped on a bus to the middle of nowhere, the things you do for your friends. Well, it wasn’t that rough I have to say as it started with quality time along with the little kids before dinner, which was a long parade of sandwiches. As I seldom have that many toppings at home for my sandwiches (butter mostly, if I’ve seen my mother recently there might be some liver pate) I had to try all of them, along with the different kinds of bread.wpid-dsc_0754.jpg wpid-dsc_0759.jpg wpid-dsc_0758.jpg wpid-dsc_0757.jpg wpid-dsc_0756.jpg wpid-dsc_0755.jpg

After dinner it was time to put the kids away, this is where I took the time to borrow Latte Mum’s iPad for some internet, due to my lack of connectivity. For us child-free people, bedtime seem like an enormous chore, do kids ever want to sleep when it’s time for bed? And seeing more than one mother fall asleep together with their children while putting them to bed doesn’t want me to have children anymore I can tell you that. Latte Mum survived bedtime without falling asleep and we settled down for some movie time.

Of course you need popcorn when watching a movie, and I learned something new, popcorn with cayenne pepper is da bomb! I will eat that I again.wpid-dsc_0761.jpg  wpid-dsc_0762.jpg

Movie of choice this evening was the Lunch Box, and it’s such a sweet movie that made me want two things, one – cook! Two – one of those lunch boxes, so if any of my old colleagues that travel regularly to India want to get me one on a trip over that would be highly appreciated. The movie was fab until the end, and that might be because we are so spoilt with Hollywood movies, this isn’t and therefore ends accordingly.wpid-dsc_0764.jpg

Another good thing with hanging out with parents to small children, they need to go to bed in a decent hour which mean that I won’t stay up all night either so when the alarm went off the morning after, I was quite fresh. Still arrived at work around my usual time though due to the bus ride – I do not miss commuting, I tell you that!

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