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Not so much no data, no worries at quiz night (#3)

When you start the morning with coffee in the kitchen in a home that contains wi-fi, then bike to work which is in an office that has wi-fi and then bike back home, having no data on your phone is not issue. The only problem this lovely Thursday was the short moment on the corner. However, with a view like this and good company, a short while without being connected to the rest of the world just seems suitable.

DSC_0765And as Thursday nights are quiz nights, my usual phone detox night anyhow; no cellphones allowed during the quiz! Day three without data on my phone passed pretty painless. What was painful though was the correct answer I gave this weeks quiz team (I pretty much have a new one every week) that they changed…we were so close and it has been a while since winning. Might have to find a better team! Or get myself smarter…

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